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Rich additional offer

Dr. Kneipp foot bath therapy- with heated benches

This hot and cold bath therapy is used as a method of cooling or warming during sauna use. After leaving thesauna, a special ice-cold bath to cool you down is recommended. Kneipp therapy strengthens the body’s immune systemand is very effective for diseases of the heartand circulatory system, as well as having a beneficial effectincases of arthritis and migraine.

Cold Plunge Pool

The plunge pool is designed for rapid cooling of the body after using a sauna with higher temperatures. It is recommended that the cold pool be used exclusively by gradual immersion of the body in order to prevent a shock to the organism because of extreme temperature differences. Using cold water baths is extremely efficatious in improving circulation and strengthening the immune system.

Relaxation area in ergonomic lounge chairs with chromotherapy from a starry Andromeda sky

The relaxation area is intended for use during breaks between sauna treatments, and it is particularly recommended that you restina supine positionon the special, comfortable, anatomical loungers. Take full advantage of the light effects of the Andromeda sky that enable the complete relaxation of body and mind.

Refreshment Corner – fruit, teas, water

Pure spring water, fresh fruit and medicinal teas provide healthy refreshment for our World of Sauna clientele.