Opening hours and Price list - Terme Sveti Martin

Opening hours and Price list

Opening hours

MON - THU, SUN, holiday 9 am - 9 pm

FRI - SAT, day before holiday 9 am - 10 pm


Due to the prescribed epidemiological measures and the reduced capacity of persons who can stay in the area, a reservation is required to enter the World of Saunas

The hotel pool is a part of the World of Saunas, which includes the use of the hotel pool and saunas. We politely ask you to comply with the latter rules and notes. Thank you for your understanding.

· World of Saunas is used as FKK zone - the use of bathing suits is not allowed. · It is mandatory to wear bathing suits on the outdoor sun deck. · It is not possible to use the hotel pool and sauna separately. The use of the World of Saunas requires a surcharge according to the valid price list. Guests under the age of 16 years old are not allowed in the World of Saunas.  A maximum of 25 people can stay in the World of Saunas at the same time. Maximum stay in the World of Saunas is 3 hours or 180 minutes. If you exceed your stay in the World of Saunas, the Wellness Reception will charge you additional costs according to the valid price list. To stay in the World of Saunas it is necessary to have a towel and a sheet, issued by the Wellness Reception, for which a deposit is required. The Wellness Reception will refund the same deposit after the use. Guests are obliged to return used sheets and towels to the Wellness Reception, otherwise the Wellness Reception holds the deposit. It is possible to rent and use the bathrobe in the World of Saunas, with the rental price of 50 HRK.