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Bioscan and HRV Scan

By combining BIOSCAN and HRV Scans we gain insight into the body’s overall condition, painlessly and in a very short time.

Body Bioscan

Bioscan is a combination of modern IT sciences, biophysics, electrical engineering, higher technology and quantum medicine. This non-invasive method uses the signals from electromagnetic waves, which the human body generates. The Bioscan analyses the cellular communication inside the human organism and the change in it is determined as misbalance, stress or defect (excess or deficit).

HRV Scan

HRV is used to analyse the biorhythmic processes of the human organism. The principle of this kind of a scan is based on modern informational technology, which uses „fractal neurodynamics“. Biology, psychology, genetics and clinical medicine have been used in the development of this diagnostic device which based on known informative parameters performs a functional analysis of the condition of the human organism.

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