Body Vitality Scan - Terme Sveti Martin

Body Vitality Scan

Fast. Painless. Simple.

Welcome to the Body Vitality Programme in the newest frequency medicine centre in Terme Sveti Martin.

Frequency therapy specialists at the Terme Sveti Martin resort allow you to preventively check the overall condition of your body and tendencies to certain health problems by checking the vitality of your body, as well as the condition and reserves of your cardiovascular, vegetative and central nervous system.

With a combination of the latest knowledge and devices of frequency medicine, you can very easily and quickly get an insight into the complete condition of your body.

  • BIOScan
  • HRVScan
  • VITAScan Complex

Living in harmony with the Body Vitality Scan

Apart from physical, health can also be mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social. All forms of health should be in balance in order for you to feel good in your own skin and be able to take full advantage of the opportunities life sends your way. In order to easily combine everything you need to feel good, visit the first Healthness resort in Europe –  Terme Sveti Martin.

Body Vitality Scan is recommended:

  • in case of taking care of health and the prevention of disease onset,

  • in case of mental and physical stress,
  • in the presence of chronic diseases,
  • in the presence of sleep disorders,
  • in case of allergy problems,
  • before and after surgeries.


HRVScan is used to analyse the biorhythmic processes of the human body. Scanning is based on modern information technology, which uses "fractional neurodynamics". In the development of this diagnostic device, knowledge from biology, psychology, genetics and clinical medicine was used, and a functional analysis of the state of the human organism is performed on the basis of known informative parameters.

Duration: 20 min


  • heart rate variability measurement

  • body energy level insight
  • functional status index
  • psycho-emotional state insight
  • memory index
  • concentration quality index
  • current (biological) age compared to the chronological age index

  • biorhythm analysis
  • stress and fatigue insight
  • subconscious stress level insight
  • central and autonomic nervous system state insight
  • energy reserves state insight
  • energy imbalance by energy systems display


BIOScan is a combination of modern IT science, biophysics, electrical engineering, high technology, and quantum medicine. This non-invasive method uses signals of electromagnetic waves generated by the human body. This scan analyses cellular communication within the human body, and changes in cellular communication which manifest as imbalance, stress, or defect (excess or deficiency).

Duration: 20 minutes


  • whole body and organ systems analysis

  • body acidity state
  • bone mineralization status and osteoporosis tendency
  • vitamin status
  • minerals and essential amino acids status
  • coenzymes and trace elements status
  • heavy metal status
  • fat levels (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • blood vessels elasticity state
  • respiratory status (insight into lung capacity and airways resistance)
  • urinary state
  • uric acid level
  • reproductive system status
  • immune system status
  • pesticides contamination insight

  • electromagnetic radiation saturation

  • nicotine, tobacco and carbonated beverage products saturation
  • allergy tendency
  • hormonal status
  • thyroid status
  • rheumatic diseases tendency
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • fat to muscle ratio
  • adiposity tendency and state of the metabolism
  • liver status
  • absorption, secretion and other possible imbalances in the digestive system (stomach, small and large intestine)
  • pancreatic status (insulin secretion)
  • blood and urine sugar

VITAScan Complex


  • current state of individual organs and organ systems, as well as their interaction and relation to other organs

  • saturation and blockage detection in different parts of the body, organs and organ systems
  • overall evaluation and analysis – insight into diseases that are already present or emerging
  • insight into primary, secondary and associative causes
  • insight into the physiological part of energy – energy which is available to the body in order to keep it healthy
  • allergic reactions tendency
  • energy exceeding the limit – turbulent and unusually strong reactions

  • energy that brakes or hinders – pressure levels and response to external influences

  • regulatory capacity – the extent to which the body copes with saturations and how it overcomes them
  • therapy saturation
  • intracellular inflammation – organs and organ systems that are particularly affected
  • insufficient or impeded cell regeneration
  • intracellular control mechanisms.


  • individually designed frequency therapy

  • detection of potentially harmful frequencies
  • high precision single frequency therapy
  • specific organ system therapy (supportive, stabilizing)
  • multifrequency therapies with more than 300 therapeutic options
  • impact on blockages, strengthening and cleansing of the body
  • vaccine compatibility analysis
  • prevention of vaccine side effects or complications by frequency therapy


Light Check-up (HRVScan / BIOScan): 30 €

Medium Check-up (HRVScan + BIOScan): 50 €

Full Check-up (HRVScan + BIOScan + VITAScan Complex): 66 €