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About Beauty center

Discover a world of beauty

Our Beauty Centre is situated in the Hotel Terme Sveti Martin and it offers a wide selection of cosmetic treatments that will bring a smile to your face! The latest equipment and quality of service will guarantee you a level of satisfaction you have never felt before.

What is the meaning of Beauty? Beauty is everything around us and at the same time, it is our own perception of our world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! We cannot define Beauty but with shaping and care we can strive to emphasizeour assets and it is these assets that the professional staff at our Beauty Centre know how to identify.

Classic Facial Treatment

Our classic facial treatment is a complete care proceedure that includes both surface and deep cleansing of the skin, a facial mask, a face and neck massage and eyebrow shaping. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and isindividual, very relaxing and based on natural products. 

It is very effective and painless and does not irritate the skin but leaves it fresher and firmer. 

We recommend

WIN UP - the ultimate lifting face treatment, 60 min

Beauty centar
Only 51 € per person


Wine nourishing & anti aging peel off body mask, 60 min

Beauty centar
Only 39 € per person


WINE THERAPY: body ritual - scrub, mask and massage, 90 min

Beauty centar
Only 60 € per person