Opening hours and Price list - Terme Sveti Martin

Opening hours and Price list

Working hours




The prices in € are informative. The payment is done exclusively in HRK (Croatian Kuna).

It is forbidden to carry into the pool area cooling bags and portable fridges with food and drinks. 

House pets are not allowed into the pool area.

We reserve the rights to change the prices. 

The pricelist is valid from 5 June 2021 to 5 September 2021.

Aquapark rules

  • it is not allowed to jump into the water
  • it is not allowed to stay below the exit part of the slide track
  • it is not allowed to stop in the trail while riding the slide
  • it is not allowed to descend from the slide in a standing position
  • it is not allowed to walk in the slide track when it is not in function
  • it is not allowed to slide down head first
  • it is not allowed to hold the edges of the track with your hands while riding the slide
  • after riding the slide you should leave the descent zone immediately
  • use of slides outside the rules is at your own risk
  • children up to the age of 7 should be accompanied by an adult
  • it is recommended to go down the slide in a sitting position with the legs forward and the arms next to the body or above the head
  • take a shower both before and after entering the pool
  • it would be ideal to walk outside the pool in appropriate footwear
  • avoid swallowing pool water
  • it is forbidden to relieve oneself while staying in the pool
  • it is prohibited to bring into the pool area glass and other fragile items
  • it is forbidden to bring pets into the pool area
  • it is not recommended to enter the water for bathing and swimming immediately after a meal, but at least two hours after a meal
  • people suffering from chronic, especially heart disease, diabetes and epilepsy should follow the doctor's instructions on how to behave during the summer heat, and take the recommended therapy
  • swimmers with open and infected wounds or contagious skin diseases must not enter the pool
  • it is not allowed to enter the pool area with everyday shoes
  • it is forbidden to push a person into the water, disturb other swimmers, cause quarrels or fights
  • it is forbidden to bathe in an alcoholic state
  • the pool staff is not responsible for valuables and money
  • for all damages the perpetrator will bear material and criminal responsibility
  • the decisions of the staff on duty must be respected
  • persons who do not follow the rules of conduct will be asked to leave the bathing area