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Local and healthy was never closer. Whether you'd like a bite of healthy crispy apple chips, try a healthy version of gibanica (a traditional cake in Međimurje) or a pumpkin seed covered perch or “meso z tiblice” (traditional meat delicacy) - the choice is yours. Add a glass of local wine and we guarantee that you'll be thrilled.

For you, the best

Every morning, Terme Sveti Martin are supplied with meticulously chosen food from local farms which are key for our quality and tasty meals.

Apart from the traditional cuisine, we offer a large range of healthy meals, such as a healthy version of gibanica, a local cake from Međimurje.

If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend specials such as "sir z vrhnjem" (cheese and cream) or "meso z tiblice" (a traditional meat dish from Međimurje).


Le Batat restaurant

Allow us to introduce Le Batat – the first healthy dining restaurant in this area. Here you can taste premium, healthy and innovative dishes, made exclusively from local produce. Le Batat is awaiting in Spa Golfer Hotel.

Healthy drinks

Green, yellow, red, the color doesn't matter. What matters are the benefits smoothies provide. Feeling better, having more energy and being more healthy. Discover our rich offer of healthy and tasty fruit&vegetable drinks.

Tasty desserts

Desserts have never been more healthy. Traditional or healthy gibanica, sweet potato pie, protein cakes, home-made energy bars or cheesecake – these are just some of the desserts that we make exclusively from local products.

We recommend

Perch in sweet potato

Perch is a freshwater fish typical for Međimurje. In order to bring a local fish closer to our guests, we have decided to create a dish that combines both local and healthy – pumpkin seed covered perch.

“Falat” cake

Wondering what a perfect piece of cake prepared with homemade cheese and the most delicious Međimurje pumpkin seeds looks like? Get a taste of this delicious dessert that melts in your mouth and discover some new, never before combined foods. We are particularly proud of this cake.

Meso z tiblice

When there were no fridges or freezers, meat was stored in salt or grease. “Tiblica” is a traditional wooden barrel in which the meat was stored in bacon. Once removed from the barrel it had a specific taste.

Home-made pasta dishes

Home-made pasta is the key ingredient for perfect meals, such as “krpice sa zeljem” (pasta with cabbage). This is Međimurje's typical dish, prepared by a traditional recipe, and can be tested in Le Batat restaurant.

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