When it rains - Terme Sveti Martin

When it rains

If you have arrived in Međimurje and the weather doesn’t suit your plans – don’t be disappointed! Međimurje offers a wide range of indoor activities that will let you get to know what the region has to offer. 

What to do?

  • Check out the thermo-mineral pools 
  • Relax in the Sveti Martin Wellness Centre 
  • Taste the fabulous food at the ‘Martin’ restaurant
  • Visit the Potkova Pub and enjoy the eveningentertainment programme
  • Play golf on the golf simulator
  • Visit the Sport’s Hall at the resort and play some of the indoor sports
  • Explore the sauna world at the Sveti Martin Wellness Centre
  • Try one ofover 20 different massages at the Sveti Martin Wellness Centre

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