Destination - Terme Sveti Martin


Međimurje is the northern most geographic area of Croatia, and, as its name suggests, it is situated between the rivers Mura and Drava. This is an area with a wealth of cultural and historical heritage, but primarily because of its unsurpassed natural beauty, it is known as ‘the Garden of Croatia". The first vines in the area were according to traditional stories, planted by the Romans, and today they cover an area of over a thousand hectares of Upper Medjimurje.

Međimurije is not only known for its good wines. It is, in addition,the homeof rich, simply indescribable, gastronomic tastes that stir the emotions (good ones of course). Wine trails, tradition trails and bike trails are just some of the ways that will allow you to experience and generally get to know Međimurje. However, Medjimurje is not only about objects and tastes; it is also about the people who, for centuries, have created and, in the traditional manner, produced and harvested the fruits of nature.

The production of handcrafts in the true Međimurje tradition, that with time, almost disappeared, is today, once again at its peak, and these skills are carefully tended so that they can be passed down to new generations, visitors and tourists.

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