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Family Wellness

Time spent with family is the most beautiful time spent on vacation. That is why in our World of Saunas there is a special time for family wellness for rest and relaxation of all family members.

Experience an oasis of peace in our saunas and hotel pool together with your little ones and try some of the special home-made programs that will pamper your body, get rid of all toxins and restore balance to your body.


9 am - 12 pm

It is recommended to avoid the use of saunas immediately after meals and it is forbidden to consume alcohol before and during sauna. Pay attention to sufficient fluid intake and regular rest after entering the sauna. Staying in the sauna helps to eliminate harmful substances from our body, and we can feel the positive effects up to 6 days after using the sauna.

Children aged 6 and over and with established thermoregulation can use the Laconium Roman sauna, Bio sauna, steam sauna, ice cave and Kneipp baths accompanied by a parent or adult.

Children under the age of 6 can enter the World of Saunas accompanied by a parent or adult, but it is recommended that they avoid using saunas because thermoregulation has not yet been established, so side effects such as overheating and dehydration can occur.


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