Hotelska ponuda - LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin

Package: Intermittent Fasting Healthness Retreat

"Your body can achieve what your mind believes in." Purify your body from head to toe, disconnect from everyday life, spend time in silence and look at the world with new eyes. Breathe in the fresh air and change your lifestyle.

The offer is valid from 4th January to 23rd December 2020.

The package includes

  • Accommodation at the Hotel Spa Golfer **** or Regina Apartments
  • Unlimited water, soups, unsweetened herbal teas and natural juices
  • 1x easy guided walk during your stay
  • 2x mindfulness meditation and detoxifying breathing exercises during your stay
  • 1x VITAScan - Complex (VITAScan + BIOScan + HRVScan) of the general state of the organism and tendency to certain health problems on the first day of arrival (30 min)
  • 1x frequency therapy adjusted to scan results (20 min)
  • 1x individual consultation with the Healthness Manager after the scan and therapy (10 min)
  • Individual guidance and consultation with the Healthness Manager during your stay
  • Silent retreat - silence training and stay without all electronic devices during the whole time
  • Unlimited bathing at The Temple of Life Thermo-Mineral Pool Complex (Night Bathing until 11 pm - Fridays, Saturdays and days before holidays)
  • Unlimited bathing at Martilandia Summer Aquapark (June - September)
  • Bio cosmetics, slippers, bathrobe and a bag in the hotel room

Additinal Offer: RE-SET SPA PACKAGE 

• Blue clay detox package (30 min)
• Foot reflexology (50 min)
• Sound bath (30 min)


Prices are per person per. The additional package can only be purchased with the purchase of the IF Wellness Retreat package. Individual services cannot be purchased separately at a discounted price
Offer details
Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre
Free parking
Free parking
Local food
Local food
Thermomineral pools
Thermomineral pools
Lumbalist spine center
Lumbalist spine center

Available at the hotels

Hotel Spa Golfer ****

Hotel Spa Golfer

minimum stay 3 nights
from 99 € per person / day

What makes a complete HEALTHNESS experience?

The combination of an active vacation, wellness experience, and raising awareness about your own health brings you back to balance and arouses your body, mind, and soul - all in one place: the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin.

Simply step into the world of healthness. Medical wellness, wellness, thermo-mineral water, healthy gastronomic offerings based on local ingredients, all in the midst of untouched nature enriched with negative ions which will awaken countless positive reactions in you and show you that our "World of Healthy Pleasures" can easily become your world as well.

Discover what your body likes

Get healthy

The healthy dining restaurant Le Batat offers only healthy meals prepared with local ingredients. Its comprehensive menu is based on a healthy variant of potato - delicious sweet potatoes.

Consultation with experts

Take a food intolerance test and improve the effects of weight loss. By avoiding the foods that your body does not tolerate well, your body will release excess water, balance your blood pressure, and you will feel better in your own skin

Gain healthy habits

Some routines need to be broken, but not the ones concerning regular exercise. Get the habit of regular exercising and see how your body gets younger and more attractive with each day. 

First HEALTHNESS resort in Europe

The Temple of Life

Immerse yourself in our new indoor pools with some of the most expensive thermo-mineral water in Europe, rich in iodine, lithium, potassium, and sodium... You will completely fill yourself with energy and health and you will also have the opportunity to experience the unique setting of our pool environment with elements of anthroposophical philosophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

Natural wellness offer

Relax and enjoy yourself at the Wellness Centre with treatments and massages with 100% local products. We recommend the St. Martin's massage with grape seed oil. Have you tried it yet?


You are in the first bike hotel in Croatia. Therefore, you have countless opportunities for new active experiences. 100% fresh air will wake you up during your morning yoga or running, or afternoon Nordic walking and cycling sessions. It will even refresh you at an evening picnic.