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The best for you

Always fresh

The secret of tasty and quality dishes lies not only with  the chef, but also in the food that is being used. Terme Sveti Martin have contracts with local suppliers who deliver fresh produce every morning to the resort's restaurants.


"The registered family farms from Međimurje are known by their approach based on integrity and quality, and these are the elements which we recognized and which are complementary with our vision. We are looking forward to our cooperation which will benefit all parties included, and especially our guests who will dine only healthy, fresh and local food, grown near the Resort. We are glad to be an accelerator for  small businesses in our town and county, which benefits the local community.”

Igor Nekić, Managing director

Healthy dish offers

In order to provide our guests with the best and in lieu with our vision, we've decided to reinvent some of the traditional meals in a healthy way. If you've ever tasted  e.g. gibanica, you know that it has many calories and that it's a “heavy” dessert, but still – it is ours and we like it this way (adore it!). However, we offer a healthy version of gibanica made from crust with less calories and no sugar, but with agave honey.

We believe that the healthy way is the true way, so we provide you with choices.

If you enjoy healthy cuisine, we recommend our NEW restaurant with a HEALTHY DINING concept – LE BATAT.

What to try?

  • Creamy pumpkin soup
  • Creamy porcini soup
  • Zander with sweet potato ratatouille 
  • Sweet potato risoto
  • Beefsteak with vegetables
  • Duck breast with sauteed red cabbage
  • Veal steak with baked potatoes
  • Ceasar salad with seitan and sweet potato
  • Ceasar salad with sweet potato and chicken
  • Healthy Međimurska gibanica (layer cake)
  • Dumplings with plums

Traditional dishes

Our old ethnographic records, which are more than 150 years old, provide us with plenty information on our culinary heritage. People here consumed strong food with large amounts of cream, plenty of dried meat products, potatoes and beans – which are all greasy dishes. Some of the specialties are bacon or minced grease, fish and game dishes, and we can claim that more than 200 types of food and spices are used in those traditional dishes. Traditional foods like buckwheat or millet give our cuisine a special charm.

Traditional housewives of our region soften the spiciness by adding cream in different meals, especially in sauces, which creates a specific and pleasant taste. Meat dishes, combined with such sauces, are usually called “temfanje”, and they delight anyone who has tried them in their traditional form.

If you like traditional dishes we recommend you visit our restaurant Le Batat and Međimurje night in restaurants Falat and Quelle where you can find out all the interesting facts about the gastronomy of Međimurje.

What to try?

  • Meat from "tiblica" (a wooden container)
  • Corn žganci with sour cream and chopped back fat
  • Barbecue turkey breast and sauteed red cabbage
  • Zander fillet in corn flour with potato in pumpkin seed oil
  • Zlevanka (dessert cornbread)

Facts about locally produced food