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What is a holiday table without roast turkey with mlinci? This traditional dish is prepared throughout Croatia for various holidays, especially for Christmas lunch.

Family gatherings in the colder times of the year, can not pass without a fragrant turkey with mlinci. This dish is eaten throughout northwestern Croatia, and here in Međimurje we call it "pura z mlinci". Legend has it that turkeys were brought to our country by the Paulines, and this sumptuous dish was worshipped at the English and Viennese courts as a real delicacy.

According to the traditional recipe, the most important elements of its preparation are real homemade lard on which turkey is baked and salt and pepper from spices. Grinders are an unavoidable side dish that is eaten with turkey, and are prepared only from flour, water and salt, but they are an ideal base for enjoying the meat juices made during roasting.

Punjena pura z mlinci


  • turkey
  • salt 0.04 kg
  • white bread 0.5 kg
  • ground clove 0.001 kg
  • parsley 0.03 kg
  • 2 eggs
  • grinders 1 kg
  • fat
  • chicken stock


          1. Salt the turkey.
          2. Soak the bread in water, drain, add salt, chopped parsley, minced cloves, eggs and knead everything together.
          3. Fill the turkey with the stuffing and sew it so that the stuffing does not leak out during baking.
          4. During roasting, pour the fat over the crispy crust.
          5. Bake it on both sides for at least 3 hours.
          6. Pour chicken stock over the grinders and pour over the turkey fat.
          7. Serve turkey with stuffing and homemade mlinci.