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Golf and disc golf


True golfers will agree that golf is not just a sport but also a philosophy and a way of life where the symbiosis of nature and recreation is particularly evident. Probably in no other sport, is the dependence of man and nature so pronounced. 

The following golden rule for golfers perhaps best describes the state of awareness golfers have for nature: "I understand that with time, the golf course grows and develops. 

Trees however do not become smaller. I swear that because of a ball ending up in the branches of a large tree, I will not vent my frustrations on any young tree or bush. "

Distinctive qualities of Golf at Sveti Martin

Unlike most golf courses in Europe, golf on the Sveti Martin course is possible all year round. As a rule, competitive golf is played on a Championship golf course and recreational golf on a public course. Our 9-hole course is intended for recreational play, and during the year, several sponsored tournaments are organised.

  • A nine hole course on different levels
  • Heated greens with artificial grass
  • A driving range for 20 persons
  • Golf practice (putting and chipping) and a Golf School

Disc golf

Do you want to spend an active weekend and try something completely new and different? We recommend disc golf! Would you like to know more?

Disc golf is a new generation sport originating in the 1970s in the USA., where its popularity is on the rise, same as in Scandinavia. It is very similar to the classic golf, with the difference being that, instead of balls and a club, players use flying discs and try to throw them into a hole which looks like a basket. The rules are simple, all players start from the starting point and throw the disc toward the hole, and when they throw it in they move on to the next one.  Of course, the aim is to have fewer strokes. 

Disc golf is ideal for all age groups, so we also have a separate course where your little ones can try it.